Lingayen is the Capital of Pangasinan, Philippines.  I wonder why it is still a Municipal not a City. 

Lingayen is a historical place.

Lingayen Gulf

The Lingayen Gulf  served as a supply depot and runway for US attack planes in order to support the warfare in Manila and to bring the old glory of the country under American supervision.  
66 years later, that ended and Lingayen was reconstructed. Lingayen regained its old beauty and became the famous tourist destination that it is today.  Former Philippines President Fidel Ramos was born in Lingayen.  The house where he grew up was preserved until today.

The Lingayen Capitol buildings were preserved and had been visited by both Filipinos and foreigners.  It is just walking distance to the Lingayen gulf.

Capitol Building

 Most people who visit Lingayen stay at Hotel Consuelos which is also just walking distance from the Capitol building and Lingayen Gulf
Function Room in Hotel Consuelos

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