Bolinao Beach

One of the wonderful Beach in the Philippines can be found in Bolinao, Pangasinan.  It has a very clear sea water partnered with a white sand.  You can rest by the seashore while watching the waves or the clouds in the sky.

What's amazing is how far the waves are.  It allows kids and parents to play together, have fun and bond well!  At night, it can also be romantic for lovers or couples.  Many married people forget that a relationship needs constant nourishment.  Going out for a romantic outing will help a relationship get stronger.  It is not only eating in a fancy restaurant that makes a relationship work.  Most people thought that eating in a restaurant or watching a movie is the only way to date.  Well, it's time to be unique.  Make memories...  If you are really into eating, then have the dinner here at Bolinao Beach under the moonlight holding hands.  If you are into sports, you can do Beach volleyball.  If you are into arts, you can collect unique shells and corals at the shallow sea waters of Bolinao Beach.

In Bolinao, there are many cheap cottages.  If you only intend to stay for the whole day to swim and play, a cottage is available to be rented for only P200.00.  There's a clean comfort room with water near the cottage.  There's also a parking space for the car.  If you want to stay overnight or even longer, there are rooms for rent, and bolinao resorts near the sea...

 Enjoy Bolinao Beach!  It is good for family activities, dates, reunion, wedding, barkada outing, and many more activities anyone can think of!

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  1. wow! looks like a great place to visit. i really love going to the beach.:-) aside from my favorite cebu beach resorts, i will definitely go to this place.;-)


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